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About MathMathMovesU

Explore the stuff you're into and get math help along the way!

Raytheon's MathMovesU is an innovative program designed to engage middle school students with math at an age when their interest in the subject typically declines. Raytheon believes that tomorrow's engineers and technologists need to be excited by and interested in math today.

At, middle school students can enter a "virtual world" of math and engage with games, polls, flash cards, word problems, and factoids all centered on their passions: music, sports, and fashion. Students earn points for bragging rights and can enter sweepstakes to win prizes.

MathMovesU Adds new World: Sum of all Thrills

MathMovesU has launched a new virtual world, the Sum of all Thrills, which introduces middle school students to math concepts in an experiential environment modeled after the theme park ride. Read more about the program here.

The MathMovesUniversity section of the site features a glossary of math terms and a large number of hands-on worksheets for students looking for additional help and support.

In addition, Raytheon provides $1 million in MathMovesU grants and scholarships annually. Students are encouraged to apply to receive grants for both their school and college education. Additional program details and applications are available here.

Raytheon Employees
Raytheon encourages its employees and communities to get involved by spreading the word about, hosting live MathMovesU events, volunteering with MATHCOUNTS, and promoting the program through their local schools. Please visit the MathMovesU internal site for more information.

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